But, I Don't Have a Bleed!

This booklet is meant to explain the process of prophylaxis, while explaining the several different situations in which it is used.

Q-R-S-T-U-V My Mom Said I Had ITP

This booklet is intended to make things a little clearer for those families having to deal with the diagnosis of ITP.

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Shoulders, Elbows, Knees and Toes

Developing target joints and the necessary therapies involved in their treatment can be stressful. This story follows a boy as he learns about them.

My Brother Has Hemophilia

This manual explores the issue of sibling rivalry as it may manifest itself in families coping with hemophilia.

The Children’s Booklet Series
Dr. Joanna A. Davis, along with the HTC team, has created a series of educational booklets to guide families that are dealing with issues related to bleeding disorders. The booklets are available free of charge to members of the bleeding disorders community around the country. To order booklets for your center, download the booklet order form below.

Understanding Hemophilia

The therapies necessary for the care and treatment of hemophilia patients are explained in this booklet.

Hot off the Press!
Our Two Most Popular Booklets   are now available in

Everyone Can Learn Something

This story underscores the need for patient and parental awareness, as well as the need for parents to advocate for and empower their children.

Don't Let This Happen To You!

The HTC has created a "comic book" illustrating some common- sense responsibilities to emphasize the consequences of failing to follow through.

The Princess, The Pea, and Me

The little girl in this story has von Willebrand disease, and she bruises so easily, she thinks she must be a princess, like in the old fable.


I Have von WilleWHAT?!

VWD is the most common bleeding disorder. This booklet explores the tests necessary for screening.

I Can Do It Myself!

Learning self-infusion helps the patient in this story to gain self-confidence and independence.

What's Immune Tolerance?Immune tolerance therapy, used to treat patients who develop an inhibitor, is examined.

An Inhibitor? What's That?

An additional problem, known as an inhibitor, can make management of joint bleeds and surgical procedures more difficult.



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