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Our dream of having a dedicated physical therapist for the HTC has finally come true. We are so excited to welcome  Samantha Gupta, DPT, to our ever expanding HTC family.

Samantha joined the HTC in September of 2015. She received her BS in Psychology from University of Texas in 2009 and went on to attend University of Southern California for her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, graduating in 2013.

After practicing at Children's Health Center in Dallas for two years, she relocated to Miami and joined the HTC team. 

A major benefit of annual PT clinic evaluations is that the information can provide a baseline joint assessment that can be used to show impact on joint integrity from future bleeds, as well as monitor for complications such as muscle weakness, loss of movement, hemarthropathy, and pain. We have a fully equipped pediatric and adult therapy center located at the Batchelor Children’s Research Institute.

Interventions at the therapy center focus on goals such as increasing endurance, range of motion, strength, function, balance, etc. Samantha is also available for educational sessions to discuss sports, physical activity, and footwear recommendations. Our unique and personalized therapy program is designed to meet your individual abilities, needs and goals. We are committed to helping you maximize your independence by helping you optimize your performance through our integrative approach to wellness and rehabilitation. All services provided are at no charge to patients in the HTC .

Samantha Gupta, DPT

HTC Fitness & Rehab Program